Before this week the idea of digital art was extremely simplified for me. When someone mentioned DA the first thing which popped up in my mind used to be a drawing, a sketch or a manipulation made with the help of specific software like Photoshop, Illustrator, maybe 3ds Max. That’s it. I had zero understanding how broad this area is. Now it makes perfect sense for me that animations, installations, gifs, memes etc. are considered digital art.

The most memorable aspect of this week was Nancy Burson’s morphing technology. What I find the most fascinating is not the way it is practically used in law-enforcement agencies to identify specific people but the message created in her works Beauty Composites. Perfectly defined ideals from pictures of celebrities lets you see society’s  beauty standards, the way tastes shape with a cost of losing individuality and becoming one of many just to fit the frame. What’s also interesting is that beauty cult is existing for a long time already. It seems that it should be more relevant nowadays with perfect selfie culture but such creative composites carrying powerful meanings all the way from XX century is completely insane. But the question I’m really intrigued about is, what’s next? Will we gradually turn into similar dolls by following new beauty standards and wearing new masks on the old ones? Will individuality become extinct?

The meme making part was really enjoyable. I’ve never made one on my own before but popular meme pages are opened in my browser daily.



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