Digital era is rapidly expanding. People use Internet for anything one can imagine. We communicate, sell and buy, broaden our knowledge, entertain ourselves and much more with the help of virtual world. As this virtual world consists of different individuals how do they represent themselves? The internet is a mysterious place full of various characters. People can become anyone they want without showing their true identity to others. Some stick to their names, others create new nicknames and take innocent pictures. It might seem as a fun and playful thing but it’s certainly not. In my opinion, Internet is a perfect tool for strange people who tend to impersonate, act or insult without any control. They feel untouchable online. The digital environment becomes dangerous and requires caution for sure. What really bugs me is that the Internet is still pretty new invention and many wrong actions happening aren’t taken seriously. Everyone do whatever or be whoever they want without thinking about other people, their feelings, cultural differences and consequences of actions. On the other hand, harmless self-representation is perfectly alright and people have a right not to reveal who they truly are for several reasons, such as bullies or real life threats.

I mainly wrote about negative things but I can also appreciate digital life for it’s creativity freedom. If self-representation is done right, doesn’t cause harm or intrude anyone, I believe, it can become a very specific art form. People all around the world create something fresh daily and most importantly have an option to share online with others. It takes a lot of effort to represent yourself the way you want people to see you. Make up, specific poses, glam, photo retouch can generate a whole new image of oneself. That is already in a way art. Be the best version of yourself. But it has it’s downsides. I feel that perfect representation builds audience’s high expectations which means that high standards must be kept constantly, both online and real world. Because if expectations aren’t fulfilled, there will be unsatisfied audience causing more Internet drama, exhaustion and time consumption. Of course, then appears questions like, how fake is online world? What is truth? Who should people believe?

The role of self-representation is important because nowadays we live in two worlds. Reality and online world. In reality we already have our identities. People see us the way we are, we can’t hide imperfections. Online world is digital, it’s not real but it’s new. It’s like a blank notebook page ready to be filled with all kind of stuff. Like a second chance to create whole new you. And as both worlds we live in are unfortunately, equally important today, self-representation also becomes important in digital life.


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