Ahh, I can finally give a legitimate proof about seriousness of video games to my family when I’m told to grow up and stop playing games! Here are my thoughts which randomly popped up in my mind.

It’s not hard to understand video games success when today’s society is living a digital life. One of the main activities to do when you’re bored is surf the Internet, scroll around social media and play games. Games are slowly becoming not for children only. Even though history claims that there were attempts to use video games as military practice tool, but until this day the thought of video game stays same, that it’s childish to play games. I can’t believe how this huge industry, numbers of specialists working on not  slightest details and creating meaningful messages can be still considered children games. Society needs to admit that playing became almost a lifestyle and a real activity.

The evolution of video games is fascinating. From couple of moving shapes imitating tennis to stunning graphics and deep storytelling. I can’t wait to see how upcoming 5-10 years will affect video games and their quality which is already beating all the records.

Anyways, it’s unfortunate to see how games industry has no difference comparing with other businesses and becomes uncontrollably greedy. Such as AAA companies. They are powerful and have all the resources to creative amazing games but something is stopping them. They find a gold mine in specific area and keep producing as much as it’s possible, gradually losing value, quality and originality until it is drained completely. On the other hand, There’s still hope for indie game developers but they often don’t have resources to produce all 3 game dimensions (mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics) perfectly.

…A game is a system in which players engage in artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome.  -Salen & Zimmerman, Rules of Play (Can a word ‘rules’ not be used in definition of games? Games are fun, rules are not!) 




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