It’s hard to imagine how complicated games are. There are some 3 dimensions of games which sound like a pretty big deal. Honestly, the only dimension I appreciate is aesthetics. I know that mechanics is basically a base of the game and without dynamics a game would be unplayable but coding and algorithms are just boring. All you see is just pages of letters and numbers but aesthetics! It’s like a personal touch added from a game artist or whoever is responsible for the game to be aesthetically pleasant. That’s where real creativity comes. How to attract a person to play a game? It’s simply magical. Some of the games I found brilliant just because of their aesthetics ( played by myself or  watched walkthroughs):

Need for Speed: The Run – one of many parts from Need for Speed racing game series.  Dynamics weren’t too good but the scenery! Great rendering and textures!

The last of us: Post-apocalyptic world with mind-blowing narrative and opportunity to discover an unimaginable humanity scenario.

I have to admit, I used to spend a lot of time playing Counter Strike 1.6 which aesthetics well… Better be left unspoken.

In general, I don’t think that video games are bad. Can it become an addiction? Of course. But even the most innocent things can become addictions. For example, I’m addicted to sweets. Can I control that? Sometimes. It’s all about balancing your activities. Have more than one hobby, be able to change your environment from time to time (or consume something else than sweets).

Violence in video games? Let it be! There are tons of movies portraying violence, there’s horror genre and books are no exception. For example 1984 by George Orwell. A big chunk of the book was only description of human torture. But after all, we are taught to learn from books, take something meaningful from them. Why can’t we do same with video games? I think violent games don’t affect human behavior. If a person is violent, it’s because of environment surrounding him or the person is naturally a bit violent. The only way I understand why games could make a person emotional (but still not violent) is only because they tend to cause adrenaline and addiction. But what doesn’t?





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